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Consumer Protection:
Patient Safety and Consent

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As with any medical procedure, you have a right to know all of the risks and any other information that might affect your decision to have an abortion. However, if you don't ask for this information you may forfeit that right.

Here are some important issues you will want to discuss before you sign the doctor's consent form to have an abortion.

1.) Will it hurt?

2.) What options and supportive services are available to me if I choose to not abort?


3.) What is the unborn child like right now? What can it do? What can it feel?


4.) What are the chances that I will experience any of the following problems?


___ Retained Products of
___ Damage to the Cervix
___ Hemorrhage
___ Infection
___ Perforation of the Uterus
___ Sterility
___ Complications of
        Future Pregnancies


___ Depression
___ Anniversary Syndrome
___ Sexual Dysfunction
___ Suicidal Thoughts
___ Interference with
        Personal Relationships

5.) Will you treat me for complications?


6.) If I need to be hospitalized, at which hospital do you have privileges?



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