Real Alternatives Press Statement
Regarding the
The Auditor General
Press Conference and Report

“Real Alternatives continues to be shocked by the misrepresentation regarding an issue that was known by the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) from the outset and has been audited previously by Commonwealth Auditors four different times without any concerns.

The Pennsylvania Auditor General’s press release, press conference and audit report obscures crucial facts about the Real Alternatives Program Development and Advancement Agreement (PDAA). The PDAA is a second VOLUNTARY contract where Service Providers hire Real Alternatives to grow its model Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program.

Service Providers are FULLY paid as part of the DHS state program, administered by Real Alternatives, that funds them.

Since at that moment, it is the Service Provider’s earned money, they are free to do with it whatever they want. They voluntarily use THEIR funds to hire Real Alternatives to advance its life-affirming work throughout America. At NO time do PA state taxpayer funds pay for any of this work.

Real Alternatives fully briefed DPW about this additional arrangement between it and its service providers BEFORE it was implemented. It has been audited four different times by different Commonwealth auditors who had no issue with it.

The reality of the situation between Real Alternatives and its service providers shows two separate agreements legally, ethically, and morally working together. The simple contract law principals are clear to the parties and any other party concerned about the truth.

Real Alternatives is an excellent steward of taxpayer dollars and has demonstrated that by having a spotless record of low administrative costs, outstanding performance, and high accountability over 20 years throughout both Democratic and Republican administrations.

Real Alternatives provides life-affirming pregnancy and parenting support services throughout the nation. These compassionate support services empower women to protect their reproductive health, avoid crisis pregnancies, choose childbirth rather than abortion, receive adoption education, and improve parenting skills. Real Alternatives is a non-profit, charitable organization that administers the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Programs for the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana. Since the program’s inception in Pennsylvania, Real Alternatives has helped over 300,000 women.”