Symposium 2022: Pregnancy Support Services

Pregnancy Support Services
in the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

October 21, 2022

A symposium was held on the pregnancy support services provided to women experiencing unexpected pregnancies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Three panel discussions were held.

The first panel delved into the impact of the Pennsylvania Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Program©, a 27 year-old program that provides services to women from the moment she finds out she is pregnant through 12 months after the birth of her baby.

The second panel, comprised of Program counselors, discussed the unique issues facing women experiencing unexpected pregnancies and the support they receive by social services agencies, pregnancy support centers, and maternity homes.

The third panel featured a discussion with a service provider personnel in the Pennsylvania Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Program© that also separately provides medical services to women.

Panel 1:
Real Alternatives and the
PA Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Program

Panel 2:
Program Counselors and Client Services

Panel 3:
Medical Services and Standards