It is unlawful for anyone to force you to have an abortion; anyone — your mother, your father, the baby’s father, a sibling, a doctor. Any physician who performs an abortion on a woman without having her informed consent or without giving her a private medical consultation may be liable to her for damages by law. And, the father of your child is required by law to assist in the support of the child, even if he says he will only help you pay for an abortion.

If you feel you are being forced to have an abortion, even if you are below the age of 18, here is what you should do:

  • Refuse to sign any documents provided by your parent or a clinic that might show your agreement to an abortion. Also, refuse to sign any certification saying that you have been provided information.
  • Tell every medical or clinic person with whom you have contact that you do not want an abortion, you don’t agree with the abortion, and you will sue if the abortion is done.
  • Remind any doctor who tries to proceed without your okay that even though you are under 18 years of age, you have rights under the law and you do not want the abortion. Tell the doctor he or she will be reported and his or her action is criminal.
  • If you feel that anyone is forcing you to have an abortion, you can ask for the address and phone number of the county court house to ask the court of common pleas to make them stop so you can keep your baby. If you need help locating the number, call 1-888-LIFE AID immediately. We can help.
  • If refusing to have an abortion means losing financial support from your parents or being kicked out, you will be able to seek assistance benefits from the State. Plus, the father of a child is liable to assist in the support of that child, even if the father has offered to pay for an abortion.
  • You can call 1-888-LIFE AID at any time. Our providers can help you find the pregnancy and parenting support you need.