Perhaps you do not feel ready for the challenges of caring full time for your child. That’s ok. There’s no need to feel bad or guilty about it. Carrying your baby for 9 months and then placing it with another couple is a courageous choice that can benefit everyone involved. We can refer you to licensed adoption agencies who can help you work toward a win-win-win solution for you, your baby, and the loving couple who chooses to parent your child.

Benefits for the birthmother:

  • Counseling and support
  • The opportunity to wait for another time in your life when you are more prepared emotionally to raise a child
  • Maternity-related medical expenses paid as needed
  • A support group of birth mothers who will share their experiences with you
  • Members of your family may also receive counseling/support services
  • The opportunity to bring many people a lot of happiness that could not occur without you
  • The joy that comes from showing that you love your baby enough to do your best to ensure his or her happiness
  • Housing assistance, if needed

Benefits for the child:

  • The love and support of adoptive parents who are emotionally and otherwise ready to parent
  • The kind of home and family life that you desire for your child
  • A stable home that may also include a brother or sister
  • Resources and provisions that might not otherwise be provided
  • A great probability of good education and going to college

Benefits for the adoptive family:

  • Receive the joy and blessing of adding a child to their family
  • If the birth mother would like, an opportunity to share the pregnancy and related experiences that would not otherwise be possible
  • Ability to fulfill dreams of raising a child

It’s important to make the decision that is best for you and for your baby. With good planning and a decision that is carefully thought out, you can make an adoption plan with confidence. Even though some sadness is involved with placing your baby for adoption, you will find joy in knowing your baby is receiving a chance at life and a fulfilling future. Our counselors offer loving support and encouragement through the adoption process and after.

We can help you gather the information you need to make your decision.