My Teen is Pregnant

Finding out that your daughter is pregnant or that your son has gotten a girl pregnant is probably a huge shock. But, you are not alone. Over one million teenage girls and boys in America say these words to their parents each year.

Many parents react emotionally, leaving their teen feeling alone and without support. It is normal for you to be shocked and upset. Many feel a sense of grief wondering what this means for the future of their child. Still others experience guilt as if their teen’s pregnancy represents a failure in their own parenting. Regardless of your emotions, it is important for you to realize that your teen needs you now more than ever.

Your response and reaction will influence how your child handles the situation. The most important thing is to stay calm. Your daughter has told you that she is pregnant because she needs your love, support and guidance. Just think how hard it was for her to tell you. Recognize that your teen is likely to be frightened and confused and looking to you for help.

As hard as it may be, seek to give your daughter your honest advice and your unconditional love. If she feels respected and supported, she will be more receptive to your advice and information.


  • Listen as she shares her thoughts and concerns.
  • Don’t accuse your teen of being stupid or promiscuous—it will only cause anger and resentment.
  • Involve other family members, if possible.
  • Let your teen know how disappointed you are. They need to know you care enough to be upset.
  • It is okay to cry. Take time out for yourself.
  • Her dreams may not be your dreams. You may be disappointed in the pregnancy, but try not to project it on your daughter.
  • Encourage her to stay in school.
  • Love and support your child.
  • Encourage her to get counseling and seek pregnancy related education. You and your daughter do not have to go through this alone. We can provide free and confidential support for both of you including counseling, material support, and other help you may need.

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