Supporting Your Friend

Learning your friend is pregnant when it wasn’t planned is a shock. Your friend needs your support now more than ever. It’s important that she has a friend like you to count on during this difficult time.

Here are some ways you can help your friend.


  • She needs to talk.
  • Be understanding.
  • Make sure she gets what she needs—good food, sleep, relaxation.
  • Let her know you are there for her and will support her through her pregnancy, parenting or adoption experience.
  • Go with her to talk to her parents.
  • Drive her to appointments, sonograms, pregnancy centers and prenatal care.
  • Comfort her.
  • Affirm her for her courage.
  • Acknowledge her feelings and fears.
  • Try to understand her feelings.
  • Be sensitive to her physical/emotional condition.
  • Encourage her to call us. We can help her get the support she needs. Whether she needs clothing, food shelter or just someone to discuss her options, we are here for her. 1-888-LIFE AID

Call us at 1-888-LIFE AID or