For over 27 years, Real Alternatives has been Empowering Women for Life©sm. Our compassionate support has helped over 14,000 women annually choose childbirth over abortion, receive adoption education, and improve parenting skills.

As the first state-wide Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program funded by taxpayer money, we have always taken pride in being the People’s Program! As Governor Robert Casey told us at our first banquet, Our business is to fight the poison of hopelessness with love! That’s exactly what we’ve done for over 350,000 women since our beginning.

After Planned Parenthood’s call to end funding to the program, Governor Josh Shapiro stated he would end the revolutionary pro-life program that provides women the other choice besides abortion – Life!

Worse yet, he redirected the 27-year-old pro-life funding towards entities that promote abortion!

Terminating this support will result in an increase in abortions throughout the Commonwealth. We cannot let that happen!

The services that this program provides to the women of Pennsylvania are crucial. Approximately 55% of women who come to our program considering abortion, choose life for their baby!  Also, 91% of women pressured to abort choose to have their baby!

The average cost to serve the next 7,000 women, January through June 2024, is about $575 a woman. This means Real Alternatives needs to raise $4 million to continue our services uninterrupted.

Your tax-deductible donation will continue Empowering Women for Life©sm, by:

  • Negating Governor Josh Shapiro’s decision to end funding to our 27-year-old Pennsylvania Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program
  • Providing statewide program advertising, client education materials, and comprehensive counseling and support to 14,000 women a year.
  • Providing program resources for 350 counselors at 83 statewide pro-life pregnancy support centers, social service agencies, maternity homes, and adoption agencies.
  • Delivering caring love and support to women from the moment of conception through 12 months after the birth of the baby.
  • Providing a real alternative to abortion and fighting “the poison of hopelessness, with love.”
  • Preventing an increase in abortions throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

With your support we can still provide women experiencing unexpected pregnancies the hope and help they need to choose childbirth instead of abortion.

We ask you to prayerfully consider what you can donate today, tomorrow and in the future. With your help, Real Alternatives can continue offering the services that Planned Parenthood wants to end.

Thank you for your prayers, sharing this information, and your financial support!

God Bless,

Kevin I Bagatta, Esq.
President & CEO
Real Alternatives

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