Real Alternatives Finalist – 5th Annual Nonprofit Innovation Award

January 6, 2004, Harrisburg, PA – Real Alternatives has been selected as a finalist for the Fifth Annual Nonprofit Innovation Award sponsored by the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal. “Congratulations to Real Alternatives on being selected one of Central Pennsylvania’s most innovative nonprofit organizations…You have been bestowed this honor due to your level of originality, effectiveness, and measurability of the innovation used in your daily activity” wrote Peter B. Burke, Associate Publisher of the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal.

Real Alternatives was placed in the Operations/Technology category for its innovative Automated Program Outcomes Measure. This Automated Program Outcome Measure innovation enables Real Alternatives to measure the counseling outcomes of over 16,000 women served annually throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by 125 pregnancy support centers, social service agencies, adoption agencies and maternity homes. These measurable program outcomes allow for more detailed program analysis, accountability, and provide important data on which to base program enhancements.

“We are very honored to be recognized for our first-of-its-kind statewide automated program outcome measures innovation. By measuring the results of counseling using five outcomes, Increased Child Birth Choice, Improved Parenting Skills, Increased Adoption Education, Increased Support and Improved Reproductive Health (Abstinence), there is accountability and quality improvement continuously which enables Real Alternatives to more effectively manage the statewide alternatives to abortion services program to lower abortions in the Commonwealth” says Kevin I. Bagatta, President & CEO of Real Alternatives.

The program has served over 75,000 women to date and is currently funded at $5.3 million per year by the Commonwealth. Women experiencing unplanned pregnancies can find their closest center by calling toll-free at 1-888-LIFE-AID or by visiting www.realalternatives.org.